Haferman Water Conditioning’s Recent Projects

Installing Kinetico water systems around the Twin Cities is all in a day’s work for the team at Haferman Water Conditioning. We love meeting new families and business owners who have decided to make the switch to better water. In this blog, we’re going to feature a few of our most recent projects. These local homes are still enjoying all the health benefits of water, just in a cleaner and purer way.

Parade of Homes House #99

We’re extremely excited for the Parade of Homes of the Twin Cities that started this past weekend. The Parade of Homes is a showcase of new and newly remodeled homes all around the Twin Cities. Local contractors, home builders and remodelers have the opportunity to display their fine work to those looking for a new home, or those looking to remodel. The showcase runs throughout Sept. 29. For specific dates and times, please visit their website.

We installed a Kinetico system in home #99. This newly constructed home already has all the benefits that come along with a high-quality Kinetico system. Whoever is lucky enough to own this house will enjoy all the benefits of soft water.

Minnetrista Home Before & After

This home in Minnetrista had a number of brand new, high quality Kinetico water systems installed. First, we replaced their single-tank electric water softener with a non-electric Kinetico water softener. A water softening system provides a wealth of benefits. This family will now enjoy spot-free dishes, softer skin and have better performance on their water-using appliances.

We also installed two reverse osmosis systems in this home. They now have one in their main and lower level kitchens. A reverse osmosis system cleans and purifies water. This household will always have sparkling water on tap, free of impurities.

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