Home Water Treatment Systems: The Final Barrier of Protection for Minnesota Homes

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Minnesota is approximately 2,000 miles from California. The states have plenty of differences: the culture, the weather and so forth. One thing that Minnesota does have on California is the water is generally safer. The Water Quality Association (WQA) recently issued a press release following a report from the Associated Press that over half of the water supplied to Californians begins contaminated.

“Nothing is more basic than clean and safe water,” said Dave Haataja, executive director of the Water Quality Association. “With final barrier protection in the home, residents can feel assured that the water they are drinking has gone through rigorous treatment.”

Mr. Haataja’s remark about final barrier protection is something that applies not just to Californians, but to everyone. While municipal water systems are treated for nitrates, arsenic and other pollutants and contaminants, you can still take proactive steps to make the water even safer.

What is final barrier protection?

Final barrier protection or final barrier treatment is a term coined by the WQA. According to the organization:

We believe the future scheme for treating water will be to treat it once at the central plant to a level that will insure the immediate health of the general population. Then, treat that portion of the municipal water that is intended for human consumption (1%), again, at or near the point of consumption.  We call this “Final Barrier Treatment.”

Click the links below to learn about issues with city and well water systems:

Putting the “final barrier” in your home

Kinetico makes a wide range of products that allow you to put a final barrier in your home. At Haferman Water Conditioning, we sell and install drinking water systems that will filter out chemicals, metals, algae and other pollutants, viruses, bacteria and contaminants so your home is provided with safe, clean drinking water.

If you find your water is giving you a foul odor or taste, we have specialty water filters that can remove the substances that cause these to happen.

How to get started

The path to safe, clean water begins by calling us today at (877) 894-4040 or by Clicking Here to Request a Free Water Analysis and Estimate.

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