Minnesota Water Quality Association Education Seminar

On Oct. 4, the Minnesota Water Quality Association (MWQA) held an educational seminar that allowed the more than 70 attendees to earn state credits, required for water conditioning professionals. Haferman Water Conditioning had eight licensed staff members in attendance. It is now required by the state of Minnesota that anyone who installs or services water conditioning equipment, be licensed. In addition, to retain the license, professionals must earn continuing education units (CEU) every licensing cycle.

Minnesota State Water Conditioning Certification

Water conditioning professionals are required by the state of Minnesota to complete training, have experience and pass an exam. Before a candidate is able to apply for the exam, they must have at least six months of experience in water conditioning installations and service. Once the exam is passed, they will become officially licensed by the state. This license needs renewed annually. There are even more rigorous requirements for those wishing to be a water conditioning contractor. Water conditioning professionals are required to carry their license with them on all job sites.

Minnesota Water Quality Association

The MWQA is a professional trade association in the water quality improvement industry. It strives to upgrade both industry standards and the professionals within the industry. It provides educational classes, ethics programs, information and certifications. Member can become certified through the organization, as well. The organization provides many other opportunities to members.

What does all this mean for you? It means more qualified professionals. Ask to see a water quality specialists’ license.

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