Pharmaceuticals in Twin Cities Drinking Water

Could it be true? Could they really have found pharmaceutical drugs in our drinking water? The answer is yes. Studies have been conducted and results show that in some cases, there were trace amounts of antibiotics, pain killers, antidepressants and other pharmaceutical drugs in our drinking water, including water in the Twin Cities metro.

The Study

There have been studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other agencies for almost 20 years on the subject of pharmaceuticals, hormones and other organic wastewater containments. Most of these pharmaceutical drugs are believed to have entered our water though a variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural activities and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Experts tested residential drinking water, ocean water and other natural sources of water.

As technologies advanced, studies have been more accurately able to pick up smaller traces of contaminants. As early as 2008, studies were conducted with results stating 75% of the influent water tested had 27 different types of pharmaceutical drugs and other personal care products.

Impacts on Humans

As it stands now, there are no adverse effects on human health from drinking water contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs. The EPA has still labeled this situation a cause for emerging concern. The technology to detect these contaminates is still young. In the years to come, agencies will continue to monitor the situation and make recommendations to the public.

What You Can Do

You can do your part to reduce your personal contribution to this problem. Live a healthier lifestyle in an effort to reduce the number of pharmaceutical drugs you are taking. Properly dispose of unused or expired medicines. Seal pharmaceutical drugs in a container and throw them in the trash, don’t flush them down the toilet. Also, try buying personal care products with natural ingredients, which are healthier for the environment.

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