Recent Water Softener Installations

At Haferman Water Conditioning, we’ve been busy providing Minneapolis and St Paul with soft water! No home or business is safe. We’ve been from Inver Grove Heights to Shorewood to Lakeville and beyond. We are proud to provide our customers with the top-of-the-line Kinetico water softeners, which perform like no other! We love getting out on the road and meeting new people. We often hear from customers how much they appreciate our clean and professional-looking work. Not to mention the great feedback we hear about the water softeners themselves.

Recent Water Softener InstallationsFor those living in the Twin Cities, water softeners can change your entire water experience. Softer water means no more calcium or magnesium build-ups, better cooking and better showering! Local businesses can also benefit from softer water. Don’t take our word for it; try it for yourself, like these Minnesota and St Paul homes and businesses did.

Eagan MN Kinetico Water Softener Installation
When you choose a local Minnesota and St Paul water softener installer, like these customers did, you deal directly with people who live and work in your communities. They are your friends and neighbors, and you work with a close-knit, responsible and dedicated team.

This family installed a non-electric Kinetico water softening system. Now, they can reap the benefits of soft water every day.

Sola Salons Minnesota in Burnsville MN
Sola Salons Minnesota leases salon studios to beauty professionals in Minnesota. The benefits of soft water for hair and hand washing are spectacular. Soft water leaves hair and hands feeling cleaner, while the minerals found in hard water can leave hair feeling straw-like and lifeless. So, for Sola Salons Minnesota, a Kinetico water softener was an obvious choice!

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