Iron, Rust & Odor Filters

Iron, rust, odor, rotten egg smell (hydrogen sulfide), and black specks (manganese) are common problems in well water. Haferman Water has over 50 years experience treating this troublesome combination of contaminants. We can customize a solution for your problem well water.

Backwashing Iron Filter

Because there are many types of Iron, rust, and odor commonly found in well water, we have many types of filters to tackle these tough problems. Backwashing filters, like the one in the photo at the left, are customized based on the water analysis we conduct in your home.

Kinetico Sulfur Guard

The Kinetico Sulfur Guard System eradicates hydrogen sulfide problems in a single, easily maintained unit. Unlike typical systems, which require multiple stages of expensive, cumbersome, high-maintenance equipment, Kinetico’s Sulfur Guard simply and efficiently does away with foul tasting and smelling water.