Water Softeners

Kinetico’s Water Softeners offer you high flow rates throughout your house, savings on regenerant and water, and installation flexibility. There’s nothing like having the highest quality water in your home. With clean, soft water, you’re saving money on soaps and cleaning products. Your skin and hair are cleaner and softer. Your laundry comes out brighter, and you never have to worry about battling soap scum or spotted fixtures.

HWC Springsoft Water Softeners

The Haferman Springsoft Softener is our electronic demand water softener. The technology behind this water softener is comparable to our competitions high end single tank electric water softeners. Our control valve is metered for greater efficiency and reduced salt usage, because regeneration of the softener resin is based on water consumption. This budget-friendly softener is a great option for any home or business. This water softener is covered by a 5-year limited warranty.