Water Softener Installation in Local Prior Lakes Restaurant

We’re at it again! We just can’t help ourselves from upgrading water systems all around the Twin Cities. The calls keep rolling in and we keep rolling out the clean, fresh water. There’s nothing like working with a local company with reputable representatives like Haferman Water Conditioning. We really like to get to know you as a homeowner or a business owner before we install your high quality Kinetico system. We love helping to improve the water quality in our community, one property at a time. In this blog, we’re going to cover one such local business who had a water softener installed by our team.

Soft Water Benefits to Restaurant Owners

There are many industries that can benefit from soft water, and the restaurant industry is one of them. There are many aspects involved in the day-to-day operation of a restaurant that rely on water. From food preparation to hand-washing, the front and the back of the kitchen can be improved by the use of soft water. Here is a list of just some ways a water softener can enhance Twin Cities restaurants:

  • Fewer spots on dishes and utensils
  • Less soap and cleaners needed to clean dishes successfully
  • Reduced energy required to heat water
  • Extends the life of appliances dependent on water
  • Reduces scale buildup on plumbing fixtures
  • May help to lower utility bills
  • Easier on the skin of those who wash hands frequently

Recent Installation

We recently installed a water softener system at a Mexican restaurant in Prior Lake MN. Now this business will reap all the benefits above, and then some! A water softener from Kinetico is always a good choice, especially if the current system is old and outdated. In practically no time, this restaurant gained much softer water.

If you own a restaurant and you need to install a water softener, give us a call today at 952-894-4040 or request a free quote online.

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