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Haferman Water Conditioning is a family-owned and operated water treatment company with over 49 years experience.

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Water is a part of your daily life, and you use it for bathing, drinking, cooking, cleaning and much more. The Haferman Water Conditioning team knows how important it is for you to have water that is safe, clean and great to drink.

Clean water in your home and workplace has a wide range of benefits, but only a handful can be seen. We analyze water closely, and examine it for contaminants and problems causing it not to be the best water you can have. The Kinetico products sold and installed will help you get the best, possible water you can have.

Hutchinson water quality issues

Our team does its very best to develop innovative solutions to your water problems: everything from removing what isn’t water from your water to softening your water to quality drinking water systems and filters that provide high filtration rates.

Hutchinson water quality services

We sell and install the following Kinetico products:


  • Water Softeners – These remove hardness-causing calcium and magnesium from water, leaving you with the softest water possible. You’re sure to feel the difference.
  • Specialty Water Filters – If your water has a foul odor and taste, then a filter can remove the substances causing this. You’ll also find it screens out the substances that cloud water.
  • Water Conditioners – These saltless systems help to eliminate a wide range of water issues.
  • Water Coolers – Stop worrying about where you’re going to store bottles for your water cooler. Our bottleless coolers make bottles a thing of the past.
  • Drinking Water Systems – These drinking water systems remove chemicals, metals and other pollutants so you and your family/employees have only clean, safe drinking water.

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