We’ve Been Busy! Our Recent Projects

We here at Haferman Water Conditioning sure have been busy lately! We’ve been installing new drinking water systems for a slew of customers, so we thought we would share some photos about what we are doing and how we are helping more and more Minnesota customers with their water problems.

The first job we want to show off is the installation of a K5 drinking system at a Prior Lake home. This is Kinetico’s most comprehensive and advanced drinking water system. It includes reverse osmosis technology and it’s the most state-of-the-art system available on the market today.

NCM_0128 flinck

We also installed a complete Kinetico well water system in a Plato, MN home. This type of system helps remove iron and odor from a home’s water, plus it softens the water and makes it better for everyday use. It also purifies the home’s drinking water, so it has a much better taste to it too.

photo 1 cropped

We’ve also been busy installing these drinking water systems in new construction projects too. Take this one in Chaska, MN as an example of what we can do. This is a complete Kinetico system. The new owners of this home will not have to worry about hard water problems or water that does not taste or smell right!


Here’s another great example of the type of well water system we can install in your home. This house, located in Shakopee, MN, just got a complete well water system put in. The family that lives here won’t have to worry about water with a bad taste or odor either.


Finally, we installed a complete Kinetico well water system on a newly constructed home in Lakeville, MN. This is yet another system that will keep this home’s owners happy for years to come!

NCM_0143 cropped

When you need water softeners, complete drinking water systems and more, call Haferman Water Conditioning at 952-894-4040 or contact us for a Free Quote.

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