About Haferman Water Conditioning

Haferman Water Conditioning is a full service water treatment company located in the south metro of the Twin Cities. We take great pride in providing members of our community with high quality water, and have done so for over 50 years.

Haferman Water is licensed by the State of Minnesota, and certified water specialists by the National Water Quality Association. We undergo rigorous testing and ongoing education to maintain our professional credentials. We adhere to the Water Quality Association Code of Ethics. Our mission is to provide our good customers with the finest quality water and service.

We provide service and repair on all makes of water softeners, filters, and reverse osmosis drinking water systems. We have sales, rentals, and service for many brands, including an exclusive dealership for Kinetico water systems.

We specialize in residential and light commercial sales, service, and installation. This includes complete well water treatment – rusty, hard water, and smelly water. We offer complete home systems for both private well and municipal water customers. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and installations provided by our licensed installers. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.
Kinetico Water Systems

About Kinetico

Two engineers in Ohio, Bill Prior & Jim Kewley began Kinetico in their garage. Now they are worldwide. They developed the first metered water softener, with no electricity, to eliminate problems associated with timers, motors, and microprocessors; and 2 softening tanks for an unlimited supply of soft, conditioned water.

It cleans with softened water for a better quality water, and to prevent hardness buildup in the valve. Kinetico is patented so no one else has it. ALL other softeners at the home show are following the lead of Kinetico. But no one else has a Kinetico or the outstanding warranty that comes with it.

Here’s where you pour in the salt. And it uses up to 75% less salt & water than most other brands.

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