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*Not valid with other offers. Rental, lease, and finance options available OAC. Whole home system is at minimum a non-electric water softener and reverse osmosis system. Basic installation includes replacing an existing piece of equipment or minimal plumbing on a new installation. Only valid on deals signed before 6/30/2024.

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You won’t find a more solid warranty in the industry. Kinetico stands behind its products.


With Kinetico’s twin tank design, one tank will always be ready to soften your water. Because the water is always soft, you will extend the life of your water-using appliances, including your softener!


Kinetico systems are up to 75% more salt efficient than competitors’ models. Kinetico Premier Series® XP models are independently certified as the World’s Most Efficient.


Nothing to plug in (no electricity!) and no timers to mess with. You will forget you had it installed.

The team at Haferman Water is grateful for your trust for 52 years and counting!

A lot has changed in 52 years, including in our company. What hasn’t changed is our dedication to provide the best service possible paired with the best water conditioning equipment available, with Kinetico. Our team of certified water treatment professionals are ready to help you get to better water.

Why Choose Haferman Water Conditioning?

With more than 50 years of experience, Haferman Water Conditioning is Faribault’s trusted water treatment expert. As a licensed and certified provider, we specialize in high-quality Kinetico systems tailored to meet your needs. Choose us for efficient solutions and the best service in water treatment for your home.


We offer a full line of products in competitive price ranges.

What makes this a difficult number to estimate is that a Kinetico system is customized to your water. We believe the proper way is to find a time to meet with you, look over your installation space, conduct a basic water analysis, and review options that fit your needs.

Haferman is a full-service water treatment company tailoring Kinetico systems from electric units like all our competitors to our non-electric lines including our drinking water systems and specialty filters.

After your free water test and plumbing audit, we offer multiple ways to get the best water for you. We offer financing, lease to own, and rentals. We can fit the equipment you need to match your budget.

We have water softening, reverse osmosis, and whole home filter solutions for hardness, iron, chloramine, chlorine, sulfur, arsenic, nitrates, and a wide range of water contaminants and byproducts found in both well water and city municipal treated water.
Yes. We have solutions for both ferric – red water iron and ferrous – clear water iron.
Yes! Our Kinetico K5 is one of the few third party certified reverse osmosis systems on the market to reduce PFAS, VOCs, Arsenic, Nitrates and more.

The first step is to have our water treatment expert check your water quality, audit your plumbing, assess your water needs, and review your system options.

Shortly after deciding to move forward, you will be contacted by our office and service teams who will work with you within the next few days to set up your installation.

Being a full-service provider, we have fully trained and certified water treatment system installers and service technicians on staff who will take care of your system installation and maintenance over the many years of your unit’s usable life.

We accept cash, check, credit card, financing, leasing, and offer rentals.

In the USA – in Newbury, Ohio

Water conditioning systems require regular check-ups to ensure that the system is performing as they should.

We start every service call with a water test for that reason. The frequency of regular maintenance depends on your water source, water quality, type of system, and water usage amount. Generally, with Kinetico systems on city provided water, filters will need to be changed once a year and salt will need to be added 1- 3 times throughout the year.

On well water, the average filter change on a softener is six months, while salt is added 2 – 4 times. Additionally, media may need to be cleaned, replenished, or replaced periodically. Our dechlorinator for example, designed to remove chlorine from city water, will need to be rebed on average every five years. Annual sanitization of your drinking water system is also highly recommended.

Kinetico systems are designed to last. Although there is regular maintenance like other systems, the benefit of having a Kinetico is 10,15, 20 years or more when other systems have long given up and been replaced, your investment will still be running strong.

You don’t! With a Kinetico non-electric softener you will have 24/7 soft water that regenerates on demand. No clocks or timers to set or adjust!

Do you host guests over the summer or holidays?
A Kinetico will work to keep up with the extra demand without missing a beat.

Do you travel often or are you a snowbird?
A Kinetico doesn’t run and waste water like other systems, nor do you need to remember to change settings before you leave. It only runs when you are using the water.

Our systems are simple! They are truly a smarter way to condition your water.

Our team right here in Minnesota offers full service. From installations, plumbing changes, systems not working as they should, to regular maintenance, Haferman Water Conditioning employs the team to keep your water running.

There is no 1-800 number to call and automated phone trees to fight. You don’t need to search for a plumber that knows your specific system. Our team lives and works near you. We handle the work and warranty replacements all in house.

Yes, we do! We have solutions for the city municipal water in Faribault and well water. We service the surrounding towns too, Sheildsville, Cannon City, Ruskin, Walcott, and Warsaw.