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Haferman Water Conditioning is a family-owned and operated water treatment company with over 49 years experience.

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Chaska Water Treatment

Haferman Water Conditioning offers Chaska water treatment services such as drinking water systems, water filters, water coolers, water softeners and saltless water conditioners. We are proud to carry Kinetico products and you are sure to find one that meets your water treatment needs.

We have been in this line of business for several decades now, and we are confident we can help you find a solution for your Chaska water treatment needs. We have several different certifications, like NSF and The Water Quality Association, among others. Why not give us a call today at (952) 894-4040 to see what we can do for you?

Water Treatment in Chaska

Kinetico products are the best products on the market for a few different reasons. Some of the products don’t use any electricity, they many of their softeners have two softening tanks so the softened water supply is unlimited and they regenerate with softened water based on the demand (or gallons of water used). Once the your new water system is installed, no adjustments need to be made. All of your Chaska water treatment needs will be met once the Kinetico product is installed.

Why Choose Haferman Water Conditioning?

Chaska MN has a lot over very hard water. The perfect solution to hard water is high-quality Kinetico water softeners. Are you wondering if a water softener is what you need? Here are some questions to ask yourself: Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Is there any discoloration to it? Does your house have hard water? These three reasons (and many others) are all great reasons for choosing Haferman Water Conditioning. Our water treatment products and services will ensure your home has only the best quality of water. When you turn on your faucet, only the purest water will come out of it.

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