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Edina Water Softeners

Do you live in or around Edina? Water softeners are a hot-selling product these days thanks to hard water problems that many Edina homes and commercial buildings experience. Haferman Water Conditioning can help! We are an authorized and independent Kinetico dealer, plus we service many different makes and models of water softeners, filters and drinking water systems. Call us at (952) 894-4040 to schedule your free water analysis and estimate to see if your Edina home or commercial building needs a water softener.

Why Water Softeners for Your Edina Home or Business?

Does your water have a bad taste? Does it smell like rotten eggs? Is it discolored, and does it stain your clothing or bathtub? Do you see spots on your silverware or dishes, even after you ran them through the dishwasher? Do you have dry skin or hair? How about your ice cubes: are they cloudy or discolored? If you have noticed just one of these issues, you might have hard water in your Edina home or commercial building and you might need a water softener. And that’s where Haferman Water Conditioning can help! First, we will come to your Edina home and analyze your water. From there, we can install water softeners, drinking water systems, water filters, saltless water conditioners or water coolers.

The main brand of water softeners that we recommend for most of our Edina customers is Kinetico. This is a high-quality water softener system that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. They significantly reduce bad tastes and odors, plus they will get rid of the bad substances you can’t see, like nitrate, lead and chlorine. We also offer Aquakinetic Water Softeners, Powerline Water Softeners and Haferman Springsoft Softeners.

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