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Hard Water Eagan

hard waterDoes your Eagan home suffer from hard water? It’s common in Minnesota since our water seems to have high mineral content. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing other than it causes some problems such as dry skin and hair, spots on silverware and dishes, white scale on shower doors and fixtures, and mineral deposits on water-using appliances.

The good news is there is a simple fix for hard water in Eagan. Haferman Water Conditioning can install a water softener to remove the excess minerals in the water. This makes it easier for soap to lather and reduces or eliminates mineral deposits from harming fixtures and appliances.

Reasons to Treat Hard Water

By treating your Eagan home’s hard water, you will experience many benefits. First, you can save money on soaps and detergents. Since soap lathers better with soft water, you won’t need to use as much. That goes for the soap and shampoo you use to wash your body and the detergent you use for laundry.

You’ll also save money on cleaning products since you’ll no longer have the mineral deposits from hard water in your shower and on faucets. Your water-using appliances such as dishwasher and washing machine will also run more efficiently since they won’t get clogged with mineral deposits.

With a water softener, you can enjoy cleaner and softer hair and skin. That’s a huge benefit for those who suffer from dry skin, especially during the winter months. You can also benefit from cleaner, brighter clothes, fewer spots on dishes and more efficient water heaters.

Haferman Water Conditioning provides several options for water softeners. We sell and install Kinetico Water Softeners. These non-electric systems can efficiently solve your hard water problems. We have numerous options to meet your specific needs that are backed by a warranty. You can trust our water softeners to handle your home’s hard water.

Plus, if you need service or repairs for your Kinetico water softener, our team is ready and waiting. We can deliver salt to your door that’s needed for your softener, or you can pick it up from our location. We also offer factory-authorized service for Kinetico, so if you experience any issues, we will help fix it. If you already have another brand of water softener, we still offer service and repairs.

Haferman Water Conditioning is here to eliminate the hard water in your home so you can live happier.

Hard Water Solutions

If you are ready to say goodbye to the hard water in your Eagan home, give Haferman Water Conditioning a call at 952-479-8264 or contact us. We look forward to working with you!