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Haferman Water Conditioning is a family-owned and operated water treatment company with over 49 years experience.

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New Prague Water Softeners

If you’re a resident of New Prague, water softeners may be in your best interest. At Haferman Water Conditioning, we’re water experts. We have installed many water softeners in New Prague and the surrounding area. Whatever water issues you’re experiencing, we have a solution. No matter what equipment your home needs, let us come take a look.

Water Softeners near New Prague MN

New Prague MN has high concentration of homes with hard water. It’s not an unusual problem and will be a routine fix for the team at Haferman Water Conditioning. You’ll notice a definite difference in your water when you choose to install the high-quality Kinetico products we sell. Contact us for a free in-home water analysis and estimate.

Water Softeners Working for You

If you’re thinking of investing in a water softener, you may be wondering exactly how they work. Water softeners are one of the least costly and most effective ways to clear harmful minerals from your New Prague water, therefore making it a smart investment for you.

  • Hard Water Defined: Hard water is water that has a lot of calcium, magnesium or other undesirable minerals. Hard water is a common problem, especially around New Prague.
  • The Basics: A water softener works by replacing these undesirable minerals with more desirable ones, like sodium. Your water will first be run through it, which allows the mineral exchange to take place. This will leave you with softer, more manageable water.
  • The Benefits: When you invest in a water softener for your New Prague home, you’ll see a reduction in scale. Which means cleaner pipes, water heaters, coffee makers and anywhere else you frequently use water. You’ll also notice your soap working better. You should see more lather and less sticky soap scum.

Are you looking for a water softener near New Prague MN? Contact us today by calling 952-894-4040 or request a free quote online.