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Experience soft, worry free water in Faribault with Kinetico

Offering Premier Water Treatment, Softeners, and Filtration Services

Understanding Faribault's Water

The First Step Toward Better Quality

In Faribault, MN, as in many other towns and cities across America, the journey to the best water quality — whether aiming for soft, iron-free, or contaminant-reduced water for health concerns — begins with understanding. While our municipal water systems do an admirable job of providing water that meets national safety standards, the truth is that “one-size-fits-all” solutions are not the answer to the unique water challenges each home faces.

Kinetico is renowned for its unmatched performance in tackling the most challenging well water conditions. However, its high performance is equally effective in treating municipal city water. Haferman Water Conditioning believes that a personalized approach to water treatment is not just beneficial — it’s essential. We’re dedicated to providing solutions that meet the specific needs of your household, ensuring the highest quality water regardless of your source.

Municipal Water Treatment Limitations

Municipal water treatment plants play a critical role in ensuring that the water flowing through our taps is safe to drink.

This involves processes aimed at reducing contaminants and pathogens to meet legal safety standards. However, these standards do not account for the hardness of the water; the presence of minerals; and chemicals that can affect taste, smell and the longevity of plumbing and appliances in your home.

Moreover, the process of making water safe for public consumption doesn’t necessarily tailor to the specific needs of individual households and businesses in Faribault.

The Difference Between Working Water and Drinking Water

While municipal treatment ensures that water is safe for general use, or “working water”, it might not meet the higher quality standards you’d want for your “drinking water”.

Home water treatment systems fill this gap by providing an additional layer of treatment tailored to improve the taste and odor, and provide a final barrier of protection, going beyond the basics to deliver water without worry.

Haferman Water Conditioning is committed to providing Faribault residents with the knowledge and solutions needed to enjoy the best possible water quality in their homes. Understanding your water is the first step. Trusting us to treat it is the next.


The Haferman Approach

Tailored Solutions for Faribault Water

Understanding that each home in Faribault might face different water treatment needs, we start with a water test and plumbing audit.

This helps us identify specific issues, from hardness and mineral content to potential contaminant concerns.

Our solutions, ranging from water softeners to filtration systems, are then customized to address these unique challenges, ensuring that the water in your home is of the highest quality — whether it’s for drinking, cooking, or cleaning.

Unsure of your water needs?

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Our water experts put their very best thinking into engineering smarter products to bring families like yours the very best water. That’s why millions of people around the world look to Kinetico for water treatment solutions.


Why Choose Haferman Water Conditioning?

With more than 50 years of experience, Haferman Water Conditioning is Faribault’s trusted water treatment expert. As a licensed and certified provider, we specialize in high-quality Kinetico systems tailored to meet your needs. Choose us for efficient solutions and the best service in water treatment for your home.

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When using soap or cleaners with soft water, start by cutting the amount of soap you normally use in half. You may even find you can use as little as a quarter of the amount you were using before. Hardness minerals in water interfere with soap’s cleaning ability. Once they are removed, soap can do its job better. Even though you’ll use less soap, you’ll get more suds and cleaner results.
The spotting you see may actually be an etching of the glass. The cause for this etching is excess phosphate substances found in many dishwashing detergents. These phosphates are added to soaps and detergents as a chemical water softener. In already softened water, the extra softening causes a problem. To protect your china and glassware, reduce the amount of soap used, and since heat plays a big part in this problem as well, use the “energy saver” feature or no heat air dry to combat etching.
There may be times when you need to shut off the water supply to your entire house. To do this, set the by-pass valve to the “OFF” position. No water will flow through the house. To restart the water, set the by-pass valve to the “SERVICE” position. You may put the softener into by-pass at any time, if necessary, by putting the by-pass valve into the “BY-PASS” position. You will still get water throughout the house; however, all of the water will be untreated. To return the softener to service, set the by-pass valve to the “SERVICE” position.
Hydrogen sulfide gas can occur in wells anywhere in Minnesota, and gives the water a characteristic “rotten egg” taste or odor. It can occur naturally in groundwater, and be produced by certain “sulfur bacteria” in the groundwater, in the well or in the water distribution system. It can be produced also by sulfur bacteria or chemical reactions inside water heaters.
Yes, we do recommend that you use Kinetico Water Softener Salt. Some salts contain foreign particles which can cause problems with your system, so be sure to use a quality grade of salt, processed especially for use in water softeners.
Your Kinetico system may use an in-line filter to remove solid material from the inlet water supply. Periodically, the filter cartridge will require replacement. This should occur when the water pressure in the home begins to gradually decrease. The frequency of the filter change is determined by the amount of water used and the solid material content of your water supply.
Using a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver, push down firmly on the softener valve screw and slowly turn clockwise until the actuator has advanced the indicator dot to the “BRINE” position. You should hear at least five “clicks” while turning the screw before the indicator dot reaches the “BRINE” position. At this point you should hear water begin to run through the system. If you do not hear water running through the system, the indicator dot has not been advanced far enough. Repeat the procedure for manual regeneration after the water flow stops (11 to 90 minutes, depending on the model) to be sure both resin tanks are regenerated.
Nitrate is a form of nitrogen. It is a natural part of soil and groundwater. The use of fertilizer, manure, and sewage seeping into the ground can cause elevated nitrate levels in groundwater. Some levels exceed the EPA drinking water standard. You should have your well tested for nitrate to know what the level is in the water you drink, especially if you live in a rural area, or take your water from a private well. Nitrate is a concern because too much nitrate in your body makes it harder for red blood cells to carry oxygen. This can be dangerous for infants and some adults. Infants exposed to too much nitrate can develop “blue baby syndrome”, that is rare, but fatal. The maximum EPA level is 10 mg/l. Many water filters do not reduce nitrate. Your water professionals at Haferman water can help you with water testing, and recommend a system that is certified to reduce nitrate levels.
Arsenic is a notoriously poisonous metalloid with many allotropic forms. Arsenic is found naturally in the ground, as well as in pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and various alloys If you are concerned, or have been notified, that your water may contain elevated arsenic levels, then you should probably have your water tested. The EPA maximum health standard for arsenic is 10 micrograms per liter. There are several methods of reducing arsenic. Some will reduce for the whole house, and some for a single tap, for example, a tap at the kitchen sink. The purchase and installation of treatment equipment to reduce arsenic is a choice you need to make. But your Haferman Water professional can help guide you through the process with straight-forward, informed answers; a written price quote for the equipment and installation; and an explanation of future maintenance.


We offer a full line of products in competitive price ranges.

What makes this a difficult number to estimate is that a Kinetico system is customized to your water. We believe the proper way is to find a time to meet with you, look over your installation space, conduct a basic water analysis, and review options that fit your needs.

Haferman is a full-service water treatment company tailoring Kinetico systems from electric units like all our competitors to our non-electric lines including our drinking water systems and specialty filters.

After your free water test and plumbing audit, we offer multiple ways to get the best water for you. We offer financing, lease to own, and rentals. We can fit the equipment you need to match your budget.

We have water softening, reverse osmosis, and whole home filter solutions for hardness, iron, chloramine, chlorine, sulfur, arsenic, nitrates, and a wide range of water contaminants and byproducts found in both well water and city municipal treated water.
Yes. We have solutions for both ferric – red water iron and ferrous – clear water iron.
Yes! Our Kinetico K5 is one of the few third party certified reverse osmosis systems on the market to reduce PFAS, VOCs, Arsenic, Nitrates and more.

The first step is to have our water treatment expert check your water quality, audit your plumbing, assess your water needs, and review your system options.

Shortly after deciding to move forward, you will be contacted by our office and service teams who will work with you within the next few days to set up your installation.

Being a full-service provider, we have fully trained and certified water treatment system installers and service technicians on staff who will take care of your system installation and maintenance over the many years of your unit’s usable life.

We accept cash, check, credit card, financing, leasing, and offer rentals.

In the USA – in Newbury, Ohio

Water conditioning systems require regular check-ups to ensure that the system is performing as they should.

We start every service call with a water test for that reason. The frequency of regular maintenance depends on your water source, water quality, type of system, and water usage amount. Generally, with Kinetico systems on city provided water, filters will need to be changed once a year and salt will need to be added 1- 3 times throughout the year.

On well water, the average filter change on a softener is six months, while salt is added 2 – 4 times. Additionally, media may need to be cleaned, replenished, or replaced periodically. Our dechlorinator for example, designed to remove chlorine from city water, will need to be rebed on average every five years. Annual sanitization of your drinking water system is also highly recommended.

Kinetico systems are designed to last. Although there is regular maintenance like other systems, the benefit of having a Kinetico is 10,15, 20 years or more when other systems have long given up and been replaced, your investment will still be running strong.

You don’t! With a Kinetico non-electric softener you will have 24/7 soft water that regenerates on demand. No clocks or timers to set or adjust!

Do you host guests over the summer or holidays?
A Kinetico will work to keep up with the extra demand without missing a beat.

Do you travel often or are you a snowbird?
A Kinetico doesn’t run and waste water like other systems, nor do you need to remember to change settings before you leave. It only runs when you are using the water.

Our systems are simple! They are truly a smarter way to condition your water.

Our team right here in Minnesota offers full service. From installations, plumbing changes, systems not working as they should, to regular maintenance, Haferman Water Conditioning employs the team to keep your water running.

There is no 1-800 number to call and automated phone trees to fight. You don’t need to search for a plumber that knows your specific system. Our team lives and works near you. We handle the work and warranty replacements all in house.

Yes, we do! We have solutions for the city municipal water in Faribault and well water. We service the surrounding towns too, Sheildsville, Cannon City, Ruskin, Walcott, and Warsaw.