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Kinetico Water Softeners

Kinetico Premier Series

The ultimate soft water solution. These non-electric systems are tailored to tackle tough water challenges and provide you with 24/7 soft water.

Kinetico Water Softeners

Kinetico Premier Series


  • Kinetico’s Platinum 10-Year Warranty
  • Dual-tank system that provides soft water 24/7
  • Simple, non-electric operation
  • Regeneration based on actual usages
  • Less water and salt used than in other systems for remarkable savings
  • Responds to water needs of demanding households and is suited for larger plumbing systems


  • Extends life in water-using appliances and plumbing
  • Boosts performance of water-using appliances
  • Easier cleaning with better results
  • Reduction in soaps and cleaning products used
  • Softer, smoother hair and skin


  • Hard water spots and mineral deposits
  • Soluble iron
  • Scale buildup and iron stains
  • Soap scum and bathtub rings
  • Expensive repair and replacement costs for plumbing and appliances

Complete Your Whole Home System

Kinetico Dechlorinator

Kinetico Dechlorinator

Dechlorinate your whole Twin Cities house in a convenient package that can upgrade virtually any water softener. The activated carbon adsorbs objectionable tastes and odors

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Kinetico Sulfur Guard

The Kinetico Sulfur Guard System eradicates hydrogen sulfide problems in a single, easily maintained unit. Unlike typical systems, which require multiple stages of expensive, cumbersome,

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