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The Delicious Benefits of Water Infusers

Water Infusers

Do you want a refreshing drink that is good for you and tastes delicious? How about a nice, tall, cold glass of water with a bit of extra oomph? Water infusers are a great way to add some taste to your water while you enjoy the health benefits of fruits, veggies and fresh herbs. The sky is the limit when it comes to the combinations you can use to flavor your water.

So what, exactly, is a water infuser? It is basically a small plastic container that has slots or holes in it. You put fresh fruits, vegetables and/or herbs into this container and then immerse it in a pitcher of fresh water or tea for 30 minutes or so. This container holds the food in place and keeps seeds and pulp out of the water while the flavors from the food items are transferred into the water.

The end result is flavorful water or tea that is all natural, sugar-free and good for you and your loved ones! You all get delicious water that will keep you hydrated and healthy. These water infusers are great to use on a regular basis, for special events or for both! And because most types of fruits, vegetables and herbs are pretty budget-friendly, this is also a great way to get a tasty beverage without breaking the bank.

Water infusers come in a variety of brands, sizes and styles. You can get smaller ones for individual drinking water bottles or you can get larger infuser pitchers. The pitchers come with the water infuser so you can flavor several glasses of water or tea at once.

But no matter which water infuser you end up buying, you will enjoy all of the flavors and health benefits of drinking water that has been infused with the sweet and delectable taste of your favorite fruits and veggies.

There are a lot of websites that provide some recipes for water infusers. We found a few recipes that you might enjoy:

  • Cherries, lime and mint
  • Pear and rosemary or sage
  • Carrots, pomegranate and sage
  • Lemon and ginger
  • Cucumber, watermelon and mint
  • Watermelon and mint, rosemary or basil

Those are just a few that we found, so do some experimenting of your own to find even more!

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