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Water Softener Not Softening Water [VIDEO]

If your water softener is running but isn’t softening your water, there are a few problem-solving tactics you can try that may fix the issue before having to call in the experts. In this video, Haferman Water Service Manager, Mike Nielsen walks you through a few areas to check if you are experiencing hard water in your home.

When does it regenerate?

This is a simple one. Your softener could be running at the wrong time of day if your timer is not set correctly.  A single-tank softener should be set to regenerate at night. If it’s regenerating during the day, you could see hard water. (Dual-tank softeners like Kinetico still provide soft water while regenerating).

Does your softener have a faulty motor?

Just like a car motor, if your water softener motor isn’t working correctly, it is going to mess with the whole performance of your appliance. You could have a motor that’s not running fast enough, or not running at all.

Does it have electricity?

Check to make sure the softener is plugged in and electricity is getting to the outlet. This may sound like an easy solve, but it is something we see regularly when troubleshooting issues.

Is water bypassing your unit?

Every water softener has a bypass switch that directs water away from it. If one of the handles isn’t turned correctly, there’s a chance that water is not being filtered through your softener.

Is there enough salt?

Check the salt levels in your tank. Is it completely empty and in need of being refilled? Or are you using the wrong kind of salt which could result in bridging? A salt bridge clumps the salt together above water levels preventing your water from being cleaned properly.

Has the resin depleted?

Another problem you could be experiencing is that the resin in the tank is getting depleted from age. The older the softener is, the less life it has. The resin is what’s inside this tank that softens the water while the salt is what actually cleans the water. After many years of hard water running through the tank, the resin can wear out and if that happens, you may need a new water softener.

So if you’re experiencing any of these problems, don’t hesitate to contact us at Haferman. We are always happy to investigate problems and help you with your water softener issues.

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