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Water Softener Rental Vs Purchase: Which Makes Sense For Me?

Water Softener Rental

If your water softener goes out, or you’re looking to upgrade, you have two options — rent or buy. Many people don’t realize water softener rental is even possible, but in some circumstances, it can be the most cost-effective decision. So, how do you know whether to rent or buy? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each possibility.

Renting is an excellent short-term solution

If you’re planning to move after a year or two, or you’re a little short on cash after buying your home, purchasing a new water softener might feel like too much of an investment. But having hard water is no good, either. Hard water has negative effects on your skin, hair, and laundry. It leaves scale and soap scum on bathroom fixtures that are unsightly and darn hard to get off. And it can damage washing machines and dishwashers – something to think about if you own your own appliances.

Water softener rental to the rescue! Typically, renting a water softener requires no long-term contract. After the initial 12-month term, you can end the rental agreement at any time.

Rental is also ideal for people who want to try before they buy because you get an option to own. And if you’re skittish about unexpected service or repair charges, no problem, because you don’t own the equipment.

Buying is a long-term investment

Water softening systems are not inexpensive. For this reason, families often choose to finance the cost of purchase and installation. You’ll have a recurring expense to replenish the salt (which you might have with a rental, too). And if something goes wrong, that expense will be yours (although parts might be covered under warranty). However, with some simple maintenance, your system will last many years. Bear in mind that quality manufacturers such as Kinetico offer superior warranties because they know their products are sound.

A water softening system is an asset that upgrades the functional and financial value of your home. Your water-using appliances will work better and last longer, saving you money and headaches. Having a water softener even increases your home’s resale value.

Other questions to consider

It’s important to understand that rental agreements vary from company to company, so if you’re leaning towards renting, there are some extra questions to ask.

  • Does the rental agreement cover installation or is there an additional one-time charge?
  • Does the rental cost include ongoing maintenance supplies, such as salt, or do you pay extra for those?
  • Are you renting a new or used unit? Some companies only rent used equipment, which may not offer all the technology or other features of a new system. We give you the option to rent new or used.

The Final Decision

When deciding whether to rent or buy, it all comes down to what makes the most sense for you and your family, which is a good reason to have a water treatment professional help guide you through the process to make the best decision for your situation. In the long run, an owned water softener will pay for itself. But if buying isn’t right for you right now, water softener rental may be the way to go.

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