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Water Softeners Castle Rock

When you are in the market for water softeners in Castle Rock, you have come to the right place. Haferman Water Conditioning can come to your home and recommend the best water softener to suit your needs. We can also install and help maintain it.

We are often asked what hard water is and why it’s so detrimental to your water-using appliances and plumbing. Here are a few reasons it’s so important to get more information about water softeners and how they can benefit your home and appliances.

  • Hard water occurs when there is a build-up of minerals in the water. These minerals include calcium and magnesium salts. While these minerals are important for your health and well-being, getting them through your water is not the best way to ingest them.
  • Hard water leaves deposits in pipes, appliances, mechanical systems, shower heads and more. These deposits build up over time and affect how well these things function and how long they last.
  • The build-up can slow or even stop the flow of water, not to mention it can decrease efficiency and cause the equipment and appliances to have to work harder to function. Plus, the build-up can cause leaks, leading to even more damage to your home and belongings.

Our Water Softeners

Thankfully, there is an easy way to solve your hard water problem: water softeners. As an authorized Kinetico dealer, we know all about water softeners and which one will best suit your home’s wants and needs.

Depending on which of our water softeners we install in your home, it will come with a five- or ten-year warranty on all parts. Plus, it can extend the life of your water-using appliances, plumbing and more.

And did we mention that Kinetico water softeners will not increase your utility bills? They run on kinetic energy, not electric. So you will get all of the benefits of softened water but without hefty utility bills!

See How Water Softeners Can Help You!

Are you ready to learn more about water softeners in Castle Rock? Call Haferman Water Conditioning at 952-894-4040 or contact us to get a Free Water Analysis and Estimate.