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Haferman Water Conditioning is a family-owned and operated water treatment company with over 49 years experience.

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Water Softeners Farmington

If you need water softeners in Farmington, you’ve come to the right place. Haferman Water Conditioning is an authorized Kinetico dealer serving most of the Twin Cities. We have a variety of high-quality water softeners available and we can help you choose the best one for your home.

We have been serving the Twin Cities metro in the sales and service of water softeners for many years. We have an experienced team ready to help you through the entire water softeners installation process. Let’s get started today!

Farmington Water Softeners

At Haferman Water Conditioning, we serve most of the Twin Cities, including Farmington. We are your local friends and neighbors. We understand the hard water issues that make water softeners a necessity in many Twin Cities communities, including Farmington. We can help you find the perfect Kinetico water softeners to meet your needs. Contact us for a water analysis and estimate on installation services.

Water Softeners for Better Skin and Hair

Water softeners can provide many benefits to the appliances and hardware around your home, but have you ever stopped to think about how hard water affects your body? While ingesting hard water has no significant bearing on your health, you may notice some side effects on your skin and hair.

A water softener can help to reduce dry skin and hair. Hard water is notorious for causing these types of issues. They may be more prominent throughout the winter when you may be experiencing these types of issues. Water softeners can reduce the minerals throughout your water, resulting in softer skin and hair.

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