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What Indicates That I Have Hard Water?

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Hard water rules the day in many homes across Minnesota. If this holds true within your home, all water-based appliances will have shorter life spans as a result. Hard water also affects your hair and skin being that that same water that you consume and wash clothing with also comes out of your shower head. Hard water in Apple Valley is a problem just like it is in any other area of the country. Haferman Water Conditioning can help with these hard water issues.

Many homeowners just accept that hard water is something that they just have to put up with. This is not the case, however. Adding some sort of water purifier can more than eliminate these issues. A first step is determining whether or not hard water is a genuine issue within your home. Here’s how:

Dishes, drinking glasses and other like surfaces can be found with scaling all over them if you have hard water. Hard water manifests in the visual appearance of white spots or powder, in the form of mineral deposits. The mineral deposits are found within the groundwater itself, working its way into your tap water.

With specific regard to the home appliances that use water as their primary means of operating—dishwasher, washer (clothing), bathtub—the mineral deposits that travel within them will gradually clog things and decrease their overall effectiveness. If you have hard water and do not address the matter you will end up spending more money to buy a replacement appliance that in simply addressing the hard water issue itself. This thinking can be taken even further by thinking about your plumbing. Scaling from the presence of minerals will contribute to the clogging of pipes and place additional tolls on your water heater.

Your hair and skin also pay the price when hard water is present. If winter is the driest of seasons within your home, hard water will enhance the overall effect. Your hair will be more unmanageable, and your skin will be drier than otherwise they would be. This leads to itchiness, mild bleeding, etc. Hard water also makes it more difficult for soap and shampoo to do their respective jobs.

Clothing is adversely affected by hard water too. A dull and dingy look and possibly odor can be prominent. If your clothes are stained prior to going into the washer, the mineral and iron deposits found within your hard water will contribute to the degradation of your clothing’s fibers, which makes them more uncomfortable to wear, if not even making them part of your wardrobe’s past.

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