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Why Your Water Softener Works Harder in Summer?

Did you know that your water softener actually works harder in the summer?

Your water softener’s workload depends on two things: the amount of water you use, and how hard that water is. Water use tends to increase in the summer and hardness levels can fluctuate. And that means your water softener has to work harder.

You Use More Water in the Summer

Whether your college-aged kids moved home for the summer or your grade school kids are simply spending more time at home now that school is out, there are more people using more water now than fall through spring. That’s more showers, more flushed toilets, more home-cooked meals, more laundry. Then, of course, there are all the outdoor activities that commence when summer arrives — watering your lawn, playing in the sprinkler, filling the pool or water balloons, and washing your car. If you host out-of-town guests, that number increases.

So, how much more water do we typically use in the summer, anyway? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, an average family’s daily water use nearly triples in the summer. That may come as a surprise to you, but once you think about the number of summer activities that require water, it makes sense. That means your water softener has to remove minerals from nearly three times the amount of water it’s used to.

Your Water Source Matters

The hardness levels of your water can vary depending on where your water comes from. For example, some cities pump water from nearby rivers or lakes. The water can be pumped from the source to a treatment center, where it goes through softening, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. Despite treatment, hardness levels can still fluctuate. When water levels are low, cities may turn to aquifers or groundwater pumped from wells. These sources tend to have higher hardness levels, and they, too, fluctuate.

Help Your Water Softener Keep Up

So, if you’ve been thinking your water softener is working harder, it is not your imagination. But you have a busy summer lifestyle of your own to attend to. The last thing you want is soap scum, spotty dishes, dry hair and skin, and grungy-looking clothes.

So, be proactive. Bring home a couple of extra bags of salt. Your water softener will be going through this essential faster, and you’ll want a readily available backup supply. For most efficient operation, we recommend letting the salt level drop until you see the water level in the salt tank and then add more salt. You might also consider asking us about high-efficiency water softeners that can extend the life of each bag of salt.

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