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Choosing the Best Drinking Water Systems

If you suspect your home’s drinking water is contaminated, the first thing you should do is call us for a free water analysis and estimate. Depending on the results of the analysis, we might recommend a water purification system for your house. Drinking water systems in Prior Lake are gaining popularity, so here is a brief rundown of a few different types and how they work.

Water Softeners

When a house has hard water, that is, water that contains a high amount of certain types of minerals, we will generally recommend a water softener. These types of drinking water systems soften the water and remove those minerals. While hard water isn’t dangerous to consume, it can shorten the lifespan of your water-using appliances, increase your electric bill and put ugly white spots all over your dishes and glassware.

Reverse Osmosis

Using a semi-permeable membrane, reverse osmosis drinking water systems purify water. They also use various filters and remove contaminants that way.

Ultraviolet Purification

Ultraviolet purification systems use UV lights to clean and purify your drinking water. These bulbs should only need to be replaced about once a year, which make them a practical and economical drinking water system.

Saltless Drinking Water Systems

These systems are similar to water softeners except they don’t use the same ion exchange process to treat your water. They also don’t require salt or chemicals to work, and it also helps treat hard water. So this means you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of soft water with this type of appliance as well. We also sell and install the TX Membrane system from Kinetico. This is one of the best drinking water systems available since it’s saltless and features a disinfection generator. You get some of the best tasting water out of this type of system.

These are just a handful of our most popular drinking water systems. Feel free to give us a call, and we will gladly tell you more about them and the other ones we offer. From there, we can set up a time to come out for your free water analysis and estimate so we know for sure what type of drinking water system to recommend, if any

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