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Important Information About Hard Water

Here are a few important facts about hard water, what it is and how to fix this problem.

  • Hard water is water that is high in mineral salts, calcium and magnesium. This happens when the water passes through rock, soil and sand.
  • Hard water is not harmful to your health, but it can cause a variety of problems like scaling on your bathroom and kitchen fixtures, white spots on dishes and glassware and dry skin and hair. It can even decrease the life span of your water using appliances.
  • Even though hard water is not a threat to your health or well-being, it can alter the taste of coffee, tea and homemade food. It can also make it difficult to clean your bathroom and kitchen. Your soap and shampoo will not lather properly either.
  • There are ways to soften hard water. One of the most popular ways is by having a water softener installed. These appliances need to be installed by professionals like the ones at Haferman Water Conditioning, but they generally do not need a lot of maintenance in order to continue to function properly.
  • There are other ways of softening hard water too. You can use white vinegar to clean dishes and glassware, you can brew tea and coffee with bottled water and you can buy shampoo and soap that is specially formulated for hard water. However, these smaller costs add up over time, so you might want to look into getting a water softener. The initial cost of a water softener is more than the cost of buying a case or two of bottled water, but you will save money over the long term when you have a water softener installed.
  • Some people think drinking hard water is a great way to increase their calcium intake, but hard water is not the best way to get this type of mineral into your body. You should consider eating food high in calcium or taking supplements instead.

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