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Did you know there is a difference between water purification and water filtration? Excelsior families and residents can benefit from either one of these, but we wanted to answer some of the questions we hear the most frequently about water filtration and all of its advantages.

Whats the difference between water purification and water filtration?

A water purification system is designed to remove up to 95% or more of contaminants in your drinking water, and it is most commonly used at the point of use mainly for drinking water. A water filtration system usually removes sediment, and sometimes tastes and odors, and reduces small amounts of some unwanted chemicals. Water filter and water purification systems both make drinking water taste and smell better.

Why should I buy a water filtration system for my home?

There are plenty of advantages of a water filtration system, but the main benefit is that you will notice a difference in the smell and taste of your drinking water. Your food might taste better, and you could save money on bottled water, soda and juice because you and your family might be more inclined to reach for a glass of tap water instead of one of those expensive alternatives.

Who regulates water that comes out of water wells?

Water that comes from private water wells is not, for the most part, regulated by any federal or state entity. That is why we recommend that you get your well water tested on a regular basis to ensure it meets guidelines. If you are on a public water source, then yes, it is tested to ensure it meets EPA standards. But you still might choose to have a water filtration or water purification system installed, even if you use a public water source, just for an extra level of protection and peace of mind.

What are some of the contaminants most commonly found in tap water?

Chlorine, sediment, dirt, rust, and even some herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals and more. Most of these chemicals can be significantly reduced by water filtration and/or water purification systems.

At Haferman Water Conditioning, we sell and install reverse osmosis systems, carbon filters, sulfur removing systems, rust filters, and many more. We carry the Kinetico brand, as well as other brands. We have some of the best and most cost-effective products on the market today. Haferman Water Conditioning truly is the water softener superstore.

These are just a few questions we get about water filtration. Contact us if you have any more!

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