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Should I Get My Water Tested?

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Making sure your drinking water is safe to consume is one of the best ways to help prevent gastrointestinal illnesses and other issues. Water testing in Edina is important since many people rely on private well water. However, even if you get your water from a city or municipal source, water testing is still vital since there is no other way of knowing how safe your water is to drink.

You should have your water tested on a regular basis, but the frequency depends on a few different factors: the source of the water (private well vs. city/municipal), whether or not there have been any plumbing changes to your home or if there is any indication that something is wrong with your water. For example, is someone suffering from stomach or intestinal issues and there is no obvious reason? Is there any other indication that your water is contaminated?

Your local health department might have some recommendations on what contaminants and toxins to have checked when you have a water testing appointment. Where your house is located in relation to farms and industrial businesses might have an effect on what contaminants and toxins should be tested for.

If there is a newborn baby in your home or if one will be arriving soon, this is another indication that you should call us for water testing. Another one is if there is someone living in your home with a compromised immune system. While there is never any surefire guarantee that someone will not get sick with some type of gastrointestinal issue, water testing means you know what is in your water and whether or not it is risky for your family to drink it. From there, you can determine if you need to have some type of water purification system or a specialty water filter installed.

There are no laws or regulations that dictate how often you should have water testing performed. As mentioned, there are a few indications that you should have this done, so it is up to you to determine when you should have your water tested and how frequently you should have it done. If you are unsure about water testing or have any questions, let us know and we will be happy to answer them.

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