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Hard Water Edina

Hard water is a common problem throughout the entire country. It is a pesky nuisance, but it is easily fixed! So if you are having problems with hard water in your Edina home, give us a call here at Haferman Water Conditioning.

What are some signs you have hard water?

  • The water that comes out of your taps and faucets doesn’t smell good and has a bad taste.
  • When you make ice cubes, they come out cloudy.
  • Your hair and skin feel dryer than usual, even when you use extra lotion or hair conditioner.
  • You have noticed scaling on your shower doors and other bathroom fixtures.
  • No matter how much you clean, there is always a layer of soap scum.
  • Even after they have been through the dishwasher, your dishes, utensils and drinking glasses have white spots on them.

These are just a few signs that hard water is a problem in your home. If you notice these, or if you suspect you have hard water, give us a call. We can come to your home and recommend the best water softener or drinking water system that will help fix this problem without breaking the bank!

Learn More about Hard Water

Hard water is a problem that is prevalent throughout the entire state. Many homeowners have to deal with this issue. But when you call Haferman Water Conditioning, we can sell and install a water softener or drinking water system that will make this problem an issue of the past!

We are an authorized Kinetico dealer, and they have some of the best water softeners on the market today. All of their water softeners come with excellent warranties. Water softeners can help extend the life and boost the performance of your water-using appliances, they can help decrease the amount of soap and other cleaning products you need to use and they can help eliminate scaling and other build-up.

The best part about having a water softener installed to treat the hard water problem at your home is that you will not see an increase in your utility bills! Kinetico water softeners run on kinetic energy, not electrical.

Solution to Hard Water Problems

Do you have a problem with hard water in your Edina home? Call Haferman Water Conditioning at 952-894-4040, or you can contact us to get a Free Water Analysis and Estimate.