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Hard Water Excelsior

hard waterHave you noticed the symptoms of hard water at your Excelsior home? Call Haferman Water Conditioning for help today! Hard water can cause many issues from scaling on fixtures to white spots on dishes, to overly dry hair, to poor tasting or smelling water. We can come out to your home and perform a free water analysis and estimate and then, depending on the results, recommend a water softener to help resolve these issues.

Not all water softeners are created equal, so having a professional water analysis to determine the right system for your unique household is invaluable. Give Haferman Water Conditioning a call if you suspect you might have hard water and we will send a professional out to take a look and analyze your water. If hard water is found, the technician can advise you on how to soften the water. This might include having a water softener or another type of water purification system installed. Whatever your water needs, we have a solution for you!

Expert Help with Hard Water

Did you know that Minnesota has some of the hardest water in the country? Haferman Water Conditioning has been helping local homeowners with all of their hard water needs for over 40 years. And, we can help you get the soft water you want and deserve.

We are authorized Kinetico dealers. Kinetico offers excellent products that will soften and purify your drinking water. So if your home has hard water, don’t worry! There is a way to help combat this issue. We can install one of our phenomenal Kinetico water softeners, and it will soften your water by removing minerals and other debris that cause hard water in our state. And, Kinetico water softeners do not use electricity, so you will not see an increase in your electric bill after having one installed.

With a water softener, you and your family can enjoy water that tastes better and smells better too! You might also notice that your water-using appliances have a longer life span. And you will definitely notice that it is easier to keep your bathroom and kitchen clean. And, you will no longer notice those unsightly white spots on your dishes.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help solve your hard water problems! We want to make sure you and your family gets the clean and pure drinking water you deserve.

Contact Us about Hard Water

Would you like more information on how to get help with hard water at your Excelsior home? Call us at Haferman Water Conditioning at 952-894-4040, or you can Contact Us to set up your free water analysis!