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How To Tell If You Have Hard Water

Hard water can be a big problem. It can decrease the life span of your water-using appliances, and it can even affect your hair and skin. And hard water in Edina is a bigger problem than in most other areas. A company like Haferman Water Conditioning can help with these problems, but how do you know if it is an issue to begin with?


Scaling is what appears on your dishes, drinking glasses and other similar surfaces if you have hard water. It shows up as white spots or powder. These are mineral deposits. The mineral deposits are in the groundwater and then leech into your tap water. So when these mineral deposits appear on your dishes, it causes the white spots, fogginess in drinking glasses and cloudy-looking ice cubes.

Water-using Appliances and Plumbing

Your water-using appliances, like your dishwasher, can be affected by hard water. The mineral deposits can clog them and decrease their life span and effectiveness. You could end up spending more money to replace them more frequently if you have hard water. This scaling can also affect your plumbing system. It can clog pipes, not to mention put additional stress on your water heater.

Hair and Skin

Your hair and skin can also feel the negative effects of hard water. You will notice that they are dryer than usual. Your hair could also be more unmanageable, and your skin could be dryer and more itchy than usual too. Hard water makes it more difficult for soap and shampoo to be effective, so you will have to use more soap and shampoo to get the same results. You will also probably notice that it is harder to lather soap and shampoo.


If you have hard water, you will notice its affects on your clothing too. You might notice that after you wash them, they are still dull and dingy. The worst-case scenario is that they are also stained too. These stains come from the mineral and iron deposits that are in the hard water. Hard water can also damage the clothing’s fibers, which makes them more uncomfortable to wear. Hard water can also shorten the life span of your clothes, causing you to spend even more money.

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