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How to Choose Drinking Water Systems

In this day and age, drinking water systems are becoming more and more popular as people become more health conscious and more aware of the direct impact they can have on the environment. We install drinking water systems in Minnetonka and the surrounding areas, and we have a few suggestions on what you should think about as you are doing your research on drinking water systems.

First of all, is your water supply from a municipal source or does your home get water from a well? Determining this can help you choose among the variety of drinking water systems that are on the market these days. You should also find out if your water supply is chlorinated. Chlorine helps to kill bacteria, but it can also sometimes make your water taste funny. Drinking water systems can help eliminate that funny taste but without sacrificing the bacteria-killing effects of chlorine.

In general, drinking water systems use a few different methods to help purify your drinking water. They use reverse osmosis, distillation and a carbon filtration system. This helps remove all bacteria and other debris from the water, making it safe to drink and use.

Also, consider any health issues you or your family members might have. Drinking water systems and whole-house filtration systems can help with problems like asthma because they remove as much as 80% of the chlorine that is in the water. Chlorine is great at killing bacteria, but it also has its disadvantages. For example, it can dry out your skin and hair. Plus it can cause your clothing to fade and it can also dry out the rubber seals in your appliances, which can shorten their life span. You might have to buy expensive appliances sooner than usual because the chlorine has dried out the rubber bits so badly.

Drinking water systems can help the environment too. When you have one of these systems installed in your home, you will use fewer water bottles. And that means fewer water bottles will end up in landfills. Did you know that water bottles take about 450 years to biodegrade? This is why recycling and finding alternative ways to get pure and clean drinking water is so important. Saving the planet is definitely a group effort!

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