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Kinetico Water Systems: “Made in the USA”!

Made in the USA

Recently, you may have noticed something extra special on many of the water softeners and systems we supply– a “Made in the USA” logo! Did you know that most of our Kinetico drinking water systems and Softeners  are “Made in the USA”? This is something Kinetico and the experts here at Haferman Water Conditioning have always been proud of; now it’s just more evident on the packaging with beautiful new “Made in the USA” stickers! We offer the following systems from Kinetico, all made in the United States:

When the ultimate in water conditioning is combined with the world’s best in manufacturing, the possibilities are endless! Kinetico Water softeners and drinking water systems are some of the best ways to improve water quality in the home. So, why not choose a system you know you can trust; one that’s made right here in America.

What It Means to Be Labeled ‘Made in the USA’

“Made in the USA” is synonymous with top quality. In order to claim a product is “Made in the USA,” you must comply with some pretty strict regulations. There are many standards set forth by the Federal Trade Commission and products must meet these before a company can label them as “Made in the USA.” Products must be made and assembled within the United States’ borders from “all or virtually all” American-made parts.

After careful review of every component used in each Kinetico product, they have been found to meet all of these requirements and have therefore earned the highly respected label of “Made in the USA.”

But, this isn’t new! Kinetico systems have always been “Made in the USA.” There are so many reasons to choose American-made products. Not only feel great knowing you’re supporting our fellow American workers, also know you can trust and depend on their quality, design, safety and environmental impact.

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