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The Importance of Professional Water Testing

Professional Water Testing

Everyone has the right to know what’s in their water. Whether you rely on municipal treated water or well water, it is a good idea to have your water tested. And, this way you know whether or not you need to install a water filtration system or water softener to improve the quality of water. And, though there are at-home tests, it is important to have water testing done by professionals. As experts in the industry, we have the right tools and knowledge to accurately test your water for a variety of impurities and chemicals. The importance of water testing at your Prior Lake home should not be overlooked: routine water testing can help improve the taste and quality of your water and keep you and your family safe.

Eliminate the guesswork and have true peace of mind knowing precisely what is in the water you and your family drink, cook with and bathe in. At Haferman Water Conditioning, we are making it as easy as possible for you to know for sure. We’ve provided a rundown of the reasons to choose water testing for your home.

The most basic reason for professional water testing is to make sure your home’s water is safe for consumption. This is most important for households that use wells, but it can also be helpful to find out the quality of your municipal sourced water. And, if you live in an area with a great deal of agriculture, you will want to make sure you get your water tested because nitrates and pesticides can easily get into the soil and contaminate nearby wells.

Water testing can also help determine if your home has a hard water problem. While hard water is not unsafe for you and your loved ones to drink, it can decrease the life span of your water using appliances and make it more difficult for you to keep your bathroom and kitchen clean.

Your water should be tested if:

  • You notice scaling or spots on your glassware.
  • There is a pregnant woman or an infant under the age of six months living in your home.
  • You notice a change in your water quality, like in smell or taste.
  • Your area experiences a large flood or storm that might have affected the water quality.
  • Your drinking water comes out of the tap with a cloudy appearance.
  • You recently had some type of maintenance or repair work done on your well.

How often?

There are no laws or regulations that dictate how often you should have professional water testing performed. As mentioned, there are a few indications that you should have this done, so it is up to you to determine when you should have your water tested and how frequently you should have it done.

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