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Reverse Osmosis and Water Conditioning

If you already have a water softener in your home, you might be wondering why you should even consider a reverse osmosis system. There are many different reasons a reverse osmosis system and a water softener work well together to bring you and your family water that is pure and clean. We specialize in installing reverse osmosis systems in Minnetonka and the surrounding areas, and here are a few good reasons these two systems can work so well together.
For one thing, a reverse osmosis system and a water softener actually serve two different purposes. A water softener turns hard water into soft water by reducing or eliminating the calcium and magnesium that is found in the water. A reverse osmosis system filters other impurities out of your water after it’s been softened by the water softener.A water softener can also help a reverse osmosis system work better and more efficiently. The membranes in a reverse osmosis system are fragile. So a water softener removes calcium and magnesium, which would normally clog up the membrane, and the reverse osmosis system will have a chance to work even better, not to mention it might last longer because the water has already been pre-treated.
Along with a water softener, a reverse osmosis system can help you save money in the long run. When you get pure and clean drinking water right out of your tap, there is no need to spend money on bottles of water. Simply get a reusable water bottle, fill it from your tap and you are ready to go! Finally, a reverse osmosis system coupled with a water softener could help you save money on soap and cleaning products. When your water has been softened and treated, soap is easier to lather and you need fewer cleaning products overall. You could save money on these products in the long run. Reverse osmosis systems are easy to maintain too. You simply need to be sure you change out the membranes and filters on a regular basis. We can come out and take a look at your system on a regular basis to make sure it is still working as it should be. Besides that, it should be easy to keep fresh and clean water flowing throughout your home!

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