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What are Drinking Water Systems?

As a company that specializes in installing drinking water systems in Edina, we wanted to give you a brief rundown on drinking water systems, how they work and how they can help give you and your family pure and clean drinking water for your home.

Simply put, drinking water systems filter and purify your water for consumption, whether it is via drinking or cooking. Sometimes, while the water in your home might meet your town’s standards for purity, it still might not have the best taste or odor to it. Drinking water systems eliminate the funny tastes and odors and leave you and your family with clean and odor-free water.

Drinking water systems are also great for homes that have hard water problems. Some of the most common signs of hard water including scaling on bathroom and kitchen fixtures and faucets, cloudy ice cubes, dishes and glassware that have white spots on them and water that has an unusual smell to it. Drinking water systems can help get rid of most of, if not all, of these issues.

Drinking water systems also are simple in how they work too. They take your tap water and filter it through a membrane. The membrane catches all of the minerals and other contaminants that you do not want in your home’s water. The membrane needs to be changed every so often, and when it needs to be changed depends on the type of drinking water system you have in your home. When Haferman Water Conditioning comes to your home to install one of these systems, we can tell you how often the membrane needs to be changed. Plus, most drinking water systems will have a way to alert you when the membrane needs to be switched out.

There are plenty of drinking water systems on the market today, and Haferman Water Conditioning is an authorized Kinetico dealer. We believe these are some of the best drinking water systems available, and they will work well in your home. They will produce clean and clear drinking water for years to come with little maintenance on your part! Plus, Kinetico runs on kinetic energy so you do not have to worry about an increase in your electric bill.

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