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Macrolite® Backwashing Filter

The Marcolite® Backwashing Filter gives maximum performance when you’re looking for a rust or sediment solution. It boasts the best of what Kinetico is known for – a non-electric, twin-tank system. With two tanks, one tank will always be in service. This means you will have an unlimited supply of filtered water and your system will last longer because it’s cleaning itself with clean, filtered water. Using a proprietary blend of ceramic media, Kinetico’s Macrolite® removes iron, sediment, and fine particulate matter. This protects plumbing, appliances, fixtures and clothing. It is powered by moving water, rather than electricity. This means, no clocks, timers, or costly computers. Just a simple, reliable system that keeps your water problem-free with no guesswork!

Macrolite® Backwashing Filter

Complete Your Whole Home System

Kinetico Signature Series

Fashioned after the company’s original dual-tank, non-electric systems, these systems have solved water problems for decades. Reliable, economical, and a perfect fit for many homes.

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