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Eagan Water Quality Problems & Solutions

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There are many factors that could be affecting your water quality in Eagan. Water quality issues can arise for a number of reasons, but many of them have simple solutions.

Water Quality Issues

  1. Hard water: is when there is a high percentage of dissolved minerals, such as limestone and magnesium salts degrading your water quality. You may notice your soap isn’t lathering well or there are white spots on your dishes and utensils. While it doesn’t cause any health issues, it does cause a buildup of minerals on the fixtures in your Eagan home. A solution to improve this poor water quality is to install a water softener.
  2. Cloudy water: can occurs when organic matter or fine silt is mixed into your water, leaving your water quality in poor condition. This can cause your laundry to look soiled or muddy. A way to improve water quality is to purchase a specialty water filter. That will help to rid your Eagan home’s system of cloudy water issues.
  3. Metallic tasting water: can be hazardous to your health. This water quality problem stems from a low pH content and a heavy iron oxide concentration in your water. To remove this water quality issue, you’ll need a water filter in your Eagan home.

Have your water analyzed. It’s the best way to diagnose your water quality problems and find a solution to fix your water quality problems. We provide a Free Water Analysis and Estimate. Get in touch with us today to rid your Eagan home of any water quality issues.

Water Quality Products We Offer to Eagan Residents & Businesses

Haferman Water Conditioning is here to help you solve all your Eagan water quality problems. Call us today at 952-894-4040 to schedule your free water analysis and estimate.